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Flashback: Heckler-Koch Craze

Every Airsoft player has a story. See me in that picture below? Yup, this is (part of) my story as a beginning Airsoft player.

That was me in March 2010. Picture was taken by player “six4” during a game at Bigfoot Field in Mission, BC.

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Flashback: G&G M4 Commando

That last post on my Pantac 6094 got me all nostalgic. To that end I’ve decided to write a little bit about my very first airsoft gun – my G&G M4 Commando. I named her Emily (I name all my guns, in the great tradition of Jayne Cobb from Firefly). She has a special place in my heart – she was my first, after all, and you never forget your first.

Join me for a trip down memory lane after the break, back when I was a typical airsoft Noobie McNooberson.

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