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Prime CNC Upper Receiver for Systema PTW

This arrived late last week – fully sick! Prime CNC’ed goodness…


Quick notes on fitment:

  • Systema charging handle fit.
  • Systema dust cover & pin fit, though upper corners of dust cover were a bit tight.
  • Systema black and silver cylinders fit a little tighter than in Systema upper, though not overly so.
  • Systema steel 14.5″ outer barrel fit, though the diameter of the chamber seemed slightly smaller than the hole in the receiver by a fraction of a MM – Systema upper fit slightly better.
  • Systema barrel nut was harder to install, some chasing of the threads was required to complete it.
  • Buffer tube cap on my lower requires reshimming after installation of Prime upper.
  • Minor play between Prime upper and Systema lower – about the same as the Systema upper I had before.

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ASG – Oct 27, 2013

Finally got my King Arms M4A1 AEG up and running again – I’ve actually kind of missed running this M4 AEG. Even though my PTW does really outshine it in terms of consistency, range and trigger response, there’s just something about dumping mags with a much cheaper gun that you’ve put uncountable amounts of blood, sweat and tears into that just doesn’t compare.

More footage to come later from the afternoon games, I just haven’t quite finished cutting it all together yet.

Last video for the day:

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PTW Hop Tool Storage Solution

I’ve been doing this for a few months now, after discovering this bit in Kampfer’s toolbox at work… which he was just using as a punch after all. While not the factory Systema hop up adjustment key, this is a 1.5mm hex driver – this is the size that will do the trick. The cogs in my head started turning when I noticed that the length of that bit was actually very similar to the length of the storage compartment in my Element TD¬†(clone of Tangdown) vertical forward grip.

(1) Obtain shorter 1.5mm driver bit.


(2) Put tool inside storage compartment of vertical grip.


(3) Enjoy easy to access tool that will always be with your gun.


  • To eliminate rattle: roughly cut one piece of foam to line the inside of the storage compartment, one piece for the top of the compartment, one piece for the bottom.
  • To make the tool less prone to getting lost: wrap tool in high visibility, brightly coloured tape (spray paint would work as well).
  • Cutting down an existing tool to fit given storage compartment would also work for fitment within a Tangodown (Element repro in this case) vert foregrip.

Thanks to Driftinsti for posting his solution to this problem on a local store’s forum and reminding me to take photos of the way I do this. After responding to his post, I figured I might as well share my own solution as well here on Overhoppers.

… why yes, that’s a brand new Prime upper receiver in the pictures!

KWA Umarex MP7: More Upgrade Parts

My MP7 has been running quite nicely… but I figured I could try to get more out of it. Last time I serviced it, I threw the following parts into mine: FE Steel Lengthen Piston, Wii-Tech Rubber Stock Pad, and the Wii-Tech Selector Pin. The piston and stock pad are just upgrades that I wanted to do anyway (harder kick and more realistic butt pad), whereas the selector pin was purchased to repair my worn out OEM part.

Read on after the break for photos of each product, a description of what it is and what it does, as well as a comparison photo between the OEM part and the aftermarket one.

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Not new news, I’ve actually had these photos on my computer for many months after seeing these on all of the KSC (TW) boxes at work… but just to clarify things for the few who still don’t believe KSC and KWA are the strongly related:





Apparently this has been in all the KSC TW boxes for quite some time now – I haven’t seen inside the box of a brand new KSC in a couple of years now, so perhaps that’s why this is of more interest to me.

Painting KWA MP7

I’ve been meaning to add a couple layers of spray can paint since I bought my KWA/Umarex last spring – I finally did it. At last, my MP7 project is drawing to a close.


Note that I did mask off certain parts of the MP7 – including fire selector markings and serial on right side of receiver – as I’ve seen it done in some photos and it looked cool to me. However, I did neglect to mask off my bolt carrier… that being said, it still cycles just fine with the thin layer of paint on there – I think that there should be enough clearance between this face of the bolt carrier and the innards that it slides upon.

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Redwolf Listed: Orga Flat Hop for PTW

Redwolf Airsoft in Hong Kong just listed these for sale online:

Orga Flat Hop Adjuster w/2 Flat Packing for PTW

List price $55 USD.

As I’ve mentioned previously, this is a new product coming from Orga Airsoft – a drop-in hop up roller and cage flat hop-style upgrade for Systema PTW. I would assume that one would reap all the range benefits from the elongated contact patch, paired with the consistency of the PTW platform… I mean, it seems to be a recipe for something capable of pushing long range with a flat trajectory¬† for just a plastic BB gun.

I’m not sure if I’ll get it right away since its $55 USD – I’ll wait till someone else has done some thorough testing on this and posts about it online somewhere. With the MAG Curve Roller only costing $16 USD it was worth buying and trying, but the $55 price point on the Orga is a little above my current budget for parts testing. So here’s hoping that someone buys one who is willing and able to produce a nice write up detailing any comparable and/or noticeable improvements.