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OP: Red Dawn – Field Report and Experience

So this month I had the pleasure of attending  OP: Red Dawn. A multi-day Milsim run by the Aces and Eights out at the Tranquille Sanatorium in Kamloops BC.


Photo courtesy of my teammate Loops (Jon) who played the part of a press photographer throughout the weekend. He makes us look badass.

Read on below for details on the event and my experiences.

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I’ve been bit by the AOR1 bug again!


Recently I have been bit by the AOR1 bug again; being on a budget I looked for some decent replicas out there. After some searching I found a small and newer company named Hellfire Development. I picked up a MMAC and an assortment of pouches. Though I already have a LBT 6094 slick and a Toy Soldier 6094, I have always wanted a MMAC because of a few photos used by SEALs in the wild. I was able to ask a buddy to lend me his Eagle MMAC to do a comparison to see the accuracy of their work.

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HM AK Optic Mount

While I’ve been kind of quiet on here as of late, I have certainly not stopped buying.

This item at least wasn’t a week (or two or three or four) of Kraft Dinner’s worth of saving those (now-obsolete) pennies for – the “real steel” mount would have been – but this mail order (and accompanying pictures) showed up a couple of months ago.


Those of you who are keen on American AK parts may recognize this as resembling one of the most highly regarded side mount designs on the (US) market.

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Planning for 42hrs Scenario: Part 1

With an upcoming game here in BC in a pretty cool 100-acre venue (and only a few hours drive from home) coming up this weekend, the following is a rough draft of my WIP packing list:


Note this is not a complete packing list yet – one intentional omission is the clothing that I’ll be wearing. I’m primarily missing a day pack (TBD) to carry the secondary hydro reservoir and some of the smaller non-essentials – or so my plan goes.

Additionally, I will have a larger bag of back-ups, tools, additional supplies & water that I will not be carrying with me onto the field. As this game is being advertised as a “scenario,” players are being allowed to walk off the area in play if they so desire for sleep breaks & the like; as such, items stored outside of the game are still somewhat accessible. Players are also allowed to play for as long as they would like – which is what I’m planning for.

Irregardless, it should be fun to run around & sling plastic in what is more or less a ghost town – I’m interested to see what this organizer may be capable of on a much larger scale of game.