TM VSR-10 G-SPEC – X-Fire, Upgrades and headaches

So in my recent post I showed off the new TM VSR-10 G-Spec I picked up from a local shop. As I said before, I either go all in or not at all. So below is a breakdown of where I picked up my parts, the upgrades parts I picked up and my experience thus far with installing these upgrades and testing.

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MVD Impressions (WIP): March 27th, 2016

Another day. Another Russian Uniform, and rig to boot. Here it is, in its full glory. I’ve always admired the SS-Leto pattern by SPOSN, and enjoy running it in mixed lighting conditions, as we’ve been having in the Spring.


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TM VSR 10 G-SPEC – I’ve got the Novritsch bug

Ever since I started playing airsoft I always wanted to give bolt action spring rifles a try. There was something about the simplicity of their design and complexity to master that got me interested. For most of my airsoft career, up to this point, I had held back due to the price tag associated with getting a bolt action and upgrading it. There of course are plenty of budget paths to getting a rifle and slowly upgrading it. But I’m not really one for just dipping my toes in. If I see something I’m interested in, I’m either all in or not at all.

Finally after years of playing and recently watching many of Novritsch’s (airsoft sniper celebrity) videos I took the plunge.
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Russia does Canada: Loadout for March 19th

It’s been a while since I posted on this site, but for all intents and purposes, I wanted to showcase some new gear that I’ve procured and really enjoyed wearing / using in the past few months.

More details after the break.

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LCT PP-19-01 Preview

Our team has had a growing love affair with Russian gear and guns. I too have been swept up in this affair and recently picked up LCT’s latest addition to their Russian line, the PP-19-01.

Check the rest of the post to check out my initial impressions of the AEG.
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Dat Gorka.


It’s cold and frosty outside, which meant, appropriately, that it was time for a Russian gear day for the team. That, in turn, meant gorkas, SMERSHs, and other such assorted gear from our frenemies in the East. Huzzah! Closer pic of my personal setup after the break.

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MLCS Deployment Bag:






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