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MICH 2000 Update

I’ve been noticing an increase in helmets other than 2000’s in recent photographs of real MARSOC operators – mostly Ops Core Maritime’s – and decided it was time to do something different with this helmet that was otherwise just going to sit on one of my shelves of no return.


Picked up some Emerson repro ARC rails, then went to town on chopping chunks out of my latest lid project, an Element “Ideal” MICH TC2000 in OD.

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Run and Guns – Mar 23, 2014

I haven’t enjoyed a pure run and gun day this much in ages… I guess I’ve just forgotten what airsoft is once you remove all the politics and business and other assorted bullshit that I’m all too accustomed to when it comes to this sort of obsessive hobby. Was certainly nice to get out there and run two new guns through their paces – Jetlag was running my new Echo1 SOF3 (a bit of a sleeper compared to how much crap I usually like to put on my guns, proportional to how much work goes into the internals), and I got the opportunity to run my CA SA58 for the what will probably be the last time, as well as got my first few kills on my brand new LCT AKS-74M.

Footage from quick and simple games with Team Avengers and Panther Airsoft Club this past Sunday. Most of these clips depict kills, though some of them I have kept in there because they’re just hilarious to listen to… usually just Jetlag yelling stupid stuff while getting shot at. At the end there’s a little clip of me screwing with Sunny D’s gear and mags, as per the usual. All of it just for fun – which it certainly was… well, for Jetlag and I, at least. And it helped that we were at about 10,000 BB’s dumped downrange in a day, between the two of us.

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Yet another AK? Yup, I’ve got big plans for this one as a bit of a discrete newbie-killer gun – plain looking internals, but plenty of internal upgrades. I recently picked up this LCT AKS-74M in a lieu of credit owed from a former local retailer that was blowing out stock, in preparations for closing their doors; at the price I got it for, I really couldn’t pass up on this good of a deal for a brand new LCT AK AEG.


May I present to you – my brand new LCT AKS-74M NV. I don’t think I actually did a complete review on my first LCT, an AK-104, in one whole article, so here goes!

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Tokyo Marui PSG-1

I recently had to do a simple fix on one of these at work… so I took the opportunity to snap a few photos of it while it was partially disassembled.

The H&K G3 line of rifles has always been of interest to me, including two of my early AEGs, hence why the PSG-1 (mechanically based off the G3) naturally gains that cool factor in my books.


In case this isn’t already apparent, this is a very long gun; it wouldn’t fit in my phone’s photo frame when fully assembled.


More photos of the finer details of the TM PSG-1 AEG after the break – many of which were a pleasant surprise for me to discover!

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Surefire M961 x Element M951

We were testing compatibility between some of the components of a real Surefire M961 and a Element M951 current-gen (both lights are a simple matter of unscrewing the head and tail cap from the body), out of curiosity. The following are the results:



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TM MEU: Quick Observations

Had the chance to mess around (read: fire around 200+ rounds at various paper/steel targets) with my new TM 1911 MEU at a local indoor range yesterday and came away with the following observations, all after the break.

TLDR: I love this gun.

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VFC AK Optic Mount

Personally, I find that the AK platform points much more naturally than an AR platform. Point shooting is real easy, and bringing the sights up is just as much of a breeze. However, AK sights are designed specifically for closer range engagements, as I can recall – meaning that they aren’t the easiest of iron sight pictures out there to shoot when it comes to trying to send a single well placed shot way out there. Honestly, I generally like to go the much lazier way of just slapping on an optic; optics themselves present a whole pile of benefits that are hard to turn down. Now, take the natural point of aim for the AK and add an optical sight at roughly that height (lower 1/3 with an Aimpoint T-1 or comparable dot sight, to be exact) – what do you get?


What I call the ultimate AK optic mount, that’s what.

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