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TM SCAR-H: External Setup

Photo 2014-07-14, 2 57 00 PM

One of my favourite parts of getting a new AEG is setting up the externals to suit my needs. With the TM SCAR-H, I wanted to go for an issued MK17 look, with a couple of small adjustments to personalize it to my tastes (and suit what I had lying around).

Tons more pretty pics and descriptions of all the stuff I’ve bolted on to this thing after the break.

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How many lights?

Does this make my HK416 tacticool enough yet?



Operation Iceback: FOB 3

above: the stuff airsoft dreams are made of.

Above: the stuff airsoft dreams are made of.

This is the first of what will likely be a ton of Operation: Iceback related posts from Juicy and I – I still have a ton more pics to sort out and I’m sure Juicy has gigs of footage from his Contour that he’s likely editing as we speak. For now, this post will contain the pics I took while stationed at Forward Operating Base (FOB) 3 – our initial starting point and what would become FTB’s “home” for a majority of the sim. To quote Jester, those first couple of hours felt a little bit like Starcraft, as I redeployed squads around wherever they were needed around the AO.

And yes, I felt like a boss.

More pics of FOB 3 after the break.

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Magpul PTS Masada vs. Bushmaster ACR

A customer came in at work after hours today to show us (Jasper and I) this beauty. He shared with us some of the details and procedures about the real ACR that I have done my best to remember and add after the break.

Which one is the Magpul PTS Masada ACR AEG? Which one is the Bushmaster ACR? Its all in the details…


I’ve taped over the serial number of the ACR owner’s gun. For fun, I did the same to the PTS Masada on the same place where that serial number is on the real ACR.


I’ll give you a few hints – the real ACR is an non-restricted firearm as per Canadian firearm rules. It does not have any prohibited parts (like a suppressor). It is illegal for civilians in Canada to own firearms that are capable of full-auto fire.
Honestly, PTS did a really good job with the Masada AEG – overall dimensions and texture of materials feels spot on. Weight is slightly more front heavy on the real ACR, thanks to the longer, match barrel that this user has. Pistol grip is slightly fatter on the PTS Masada, as a result of having to fit a motor inside the pistol grip. Other than that…

Enough of my thoughts – do you want to take a look at the inner workings of a real ACR? Pictures after the break… and bonus intel about something new that relates to the Masada/ACR in Airsoft at the very bottom.

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LCT AK 104 Front End

so pretty.

so pretty.

Anyone who knows me (or sees me on the field) will tell you that I’m pretty big on externals. I love tinkering with things like rails, stocks, optics, illumination, lasers, etc. Not everything gives me an in-game advantage (if anything, some of it is just effectively dead weight) but boy, does it look cool.

After the break, a quick look at what is quickly becoming one of my favorite AEGs, both externally and internally – my LCT AK 104. Specifically, the front end.

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Full-Trademarks Slide: WE M&P

I ordered myself this cool bit for my WE M&P through work, along with some of the sears, hop up adjuster dials, hop up adjuster arms, and outer barrels. This is the benefit of working at/buying from a shop that deals directly with WE – I can easily source WE factory parts, including full-trademark parts… like this full trademark slide:





I guess this full trades slide would be the one that you would see on the full-trademark WE M&P if such a model (from the factory) were easily found… which it is not. I’m now definitely proud of my personal WE M&P – last finishing touches would be a steel/reinforced sear (if only someone would produce one). I’m not going to bother trying to order a trademarked frame from WE – I can live with the “WE” marking as is.

Anyway, there are a couple more photos and my thoughts in brief after the break.

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Gun Pron – Fireteam Bro PTW Night

From L to R: Jester's M4/416, Jetlag/Jester's Mk18 Mod 1, My M4/416, Juicy's M4a1, Jetlag's 416.

From L to R: Jester’s M4/416, Jetlag/Jester’s Mk18 Mod 1, My M4/416, Juicy’s M4a1, Jetlag’s 416.

I don’t even want to know how much money is in those five guns.

Every now and then Fireteam Bro gets together and spends an evening working on our PTWs/AEGs/GBBRs, all while sharing some brews and listening to tunes of the most wonderful decade of music: the 90s. Last night was one of those nights. Good times.