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Op Iceback 2.0: pre-game day 1

Three dudes’ kit looks like this:


8 hours later and we have arrived in Golden, BC.


Last minute gear check while up at a hotel room in Golden, BC.

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Contour ROAM 2: internal rattling update

This has been bugging me for months, but I finally sat down and took my Contour apart today in prep for OP Iceback.


Many tiny screws later and these are a few of the clear plastic fragments that I found inside my camera. Simple enough part, good thing it wasn’t anything foreign (would indicate that sealed camera wasn’t so sealed) and that it wasn’t anything important. For reference, this clear plastic part forms a cover for the front indicator LED of the camera – I don’t use my camera lights anyway because of this bright red LED potentially giving my position away in dimly lit conditions.

Iceback 2014: Loadout



Above is the current state of my load out for Iceback 2014, which is taking place this weekend up in Golden, BC.  My loadout is largely unchanged in basic structure from last year (PTW, chest rig, Yote), with some small tweaks here and there to suit both the nature of our mission and my experiences from what I ran last year.

More deets and pics after the break.

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Canteen Pouch Comparison: EI vs. LBT

Apparently, not all MOLLE canteen pouches are made with ease of access in mind. Frustrating, to say the least.


Now, I’ve had a number of the popular repro canteen pouches over the years – all of which are EI clones (Flyye, TMC). I picked up a cheap surplus London Brqdige Trading (LBT) contract pouch from LegitKit on eBay a few weeks back, thinking, “oh, it is a LBT item so it must be alright.” But nope, I was sorely mistaken – the Eagle Industries (EI) surplus pouch that was equally cheap from 92yankee definitely is much more useable as the canteen carrier that both are designed to be.

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GHK AK Update: Sear Failure

Let me preface this by saying that I knew this would eventually happen, thanks to Thomas for letting me know about this in advance. He had a rough round count that he told me about, but I actually don’t remember what it was at this time – easily over 1-2k shots by now. Having a Hephaestus steel sear on hand in anticipation of this sure did come in handy.


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Op Iceback 2.0: Prep #1

Sorry that we’ve been a little quiet around here lately (not sure where my co-writers have gone). Myself, I’ve been rather busy myself with work… but mainly just getting this going:

Here are my prelimary thoughts of what to bring for 2014’s Operation Iceback (referred as Op. Iceback 2.0 by some) game up at Golden, BC.


There are a few missing items for sure… namely hydration, foodstuffs, jacket and PTW. Oh, that PTW… man, was that an expensive headache to get off the ground with a relatively simple solution after all (but more on that will be up at a later date).

This is just a preliminary packing list, as is laid out on my living room floor for the time being; I’m sure I’ll have more changes over the next week and a half as I remember other things I should bring for the 24+ hours I’ll probably be on the field for.

Marui M&P

TM have now released their long-awaited M&P GBB as of yesterday (August 1st). We should be seeing these outside of Japan really soon.

Worth sharing is this video is from a YouTube channel of a guy in Japan who posts videos of himself shooting airsoft guns:

I’ve heard that there were already aftermarket metal slides being built in other parts of Asia, prior to the release date. This should be good…

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