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The British Bulldog: ICS L85A2

You’ll notice a growing trend within my collection (I’m sure Dizzy, Juicy, and Tak have even taken this into account), that I don’t collect American style rifles as much as the rest of the writers on here do. Maybe it was habit developed after having long chats with a mutual friend of all the writers here, Loops (who is now considering buying an M4… this is an edit after the fact), but either case, the closest I’ve ever come to collecting Western Rifles have been those of the European Variety.

You sexy little man peach.

You sexy little man peach.

I did own a King Arms M4A1, a VFC 416, and an ARES M4 rifle. The King Arms got good use as a Night Game Rifle, and the VFC was my workhorse for a while, but the STANAG rifles built after the Armalite design, for some reason, just don’t interest me as much as other European rifle designs. Maybe it has something to do with the prevalence of them on the field, or maybe it’s just personal taste. Either way, I distance myself away from the STANAG (Armalite-Esque) design and often go with something Russian, or strictly European. And in this article, I’m here to discuss my personal favourite of them all.

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Collection: Part 1

Since Facebook’s privacy settings suck, I decided not to share this one to a public group that my buddy “Loops” runs (Airsoft Photography), due to not wanting to freak out my non-airsoft friends with this small arsenal. Now that I’ve already set up for the photo & taken it, I might as well share it somewhere.

And so, may I present to you: my (gaming) AEG collection.


This does not include GBB, NBB, springers, or AEG that are either in pieces or strictly for collection purposes. They just wouldn’t all fit on my table if I crammed in all my pistols too, so this will have to suffice for part #1. Continue reading

Japanese Airsoft Players – Deluxe CCT Loadouts & More

“It’s all about style.” I’m just as impressed as blogger Geardoshit when it comes to Japanese Airsofters remembering how to have fun with this hobby.


Once again, I`d like to post some pictures showing Japanese Airsoft players. These crazy guys are pushing gear and impressions to the limit and they had one of the biggest impacts on me in the past.

And there is big difference to 80% of all other Airsoft players: they seem to have fun and taking things not too seriously!

(click to enlarge all pics)
 photo J_CCT_6.jpg

I am fed up with all those “I am a hard motherfu**er, don`t mess with me” and “If I would have joined the Army, I ended up being a Special Forces Sniper” guys – so annoying!

And yes, they are taking many things they don`t need for Airsoft on the battle field, but who cares? It`s all about style! 🙂 Enjoy!

 photo J_CCT_3.jpg

 photo J_CCT_5.jpg

 photo J_CCT_1.jpg

 photo J_CCT_2.jpg

 photo J_CCT_4.jpg

 photo J_yeah_2.jpg

 photo J_yeah_4.jpg

 photo J_yeah_1.jpg

 photo J_yeah_6.jpg

 photo J_yeah_5.jpg

 photo J_yeah_3.jpg

What do you buy next? 😉

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Preview: Two Primaries, One Guy.

This is just a preview of things to come. I will be doing a review on these rifles very soon, my two primaries–one I’ve had for a year, and the other just a little over six months. This is my big entry again, since life is still kicking my ass with responsibilities on a daily basis. Prepare your bodies. For now, pictures of my ICS L85A2, and my Soviet-Afghanistan LCT AKS-74. Which will one day be my Russian Paratrooper Impression Rifle, when I get the time to work on it.


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Recoil Shock Upgrades – Part 4

While I don’t have many photos to go with this long block of text, I do feel that the following is worth sharing for those who are interested.


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