Last Game Day at Tsawwassen Paintball

For one final hurray, Fireteam Bro shot stuff at the last Airsoft day at Tsawwassen Paintball on Sunday, December 9th, 2012. The following two video clips are what player “Antares” captured at the end of the day.

Fireteam Bro has become fond of running drills, fiddling with equipment, and general tomfoolery in the speedball field at Tsawwassen. Here is a clip from one of our final, live-fire exercises done at this field (please do excuse my language, I fumbled through a reload):

Here we have the final Airsoft game played at the Tsawwassen field (recorded a few moments earlier):

Note that Antares did capture other video clips, but not all have or will be uploaded to YouTube at this time. If there are more from this day, I’ll be editing to add them into this post below.


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