First look: PTS Magpul Masada ACR Streamline

I walked into work this morning and found the tech department dicking around with this – what is (from what I know of) the first batch of PTS Magpul Masada Streamline Versions to arrive in Canada. Yeah, I know… my job is pretty freaking awesome.

First off, I’m going to say that I want one.

I’ve always wanted a Magpul PTS Masada ACR – since I first started pushing the Masada AEG platform on people at my previous Airsoft retail job. Honestly, I’d have to say that players “BremboD” and “Spaz” were the first ones who I successfully sold on Masada’s… or at least the concept thereof – they were out of stock at the store I was working at, so they went and bought them at another local store (the store I currently work at now). I just could never afford one of the expensive ones.


… I’m probably going to buy one; my wallet is already hating me. Time to go eat Kraft Dinner and Cup Noodles for months on end again.

Read on after the break – lots more pictures and short captions coming up after the break.

One downside of the Streamline (in my opinion) is the method in which the trades are put onto the receiver. The white puts me off a little bit – as does the “Made in China”.


14.5″ barrel is perfect for what I would be looking to do with a Masada of my own – I like the look and feel of the CQB barrel, but I wouldn’t mind having things a little longer.


Fixed stock – no side folding/adjustable length of pull bull shit to deal with. Just set and forget about the cheek riser, and that’s it. Way more solid feeling too… though the quality of the plastic on the Streamline version isn’t quite as nice as that of the previous PTS higher-end version(s).


Note that the bolt pattern for the rear sling adaptor loop is (supposedly) compatible with the PTS single point adaptor.


Handguard illustrated here – it is slightly larger, as to be used for Airsoft battery storage purposes. As is demonstrated in a product demonstration YouTube clip about the PTS Magpul Masada Streamline Version I recently saw, this plastic handguard does in fact flex when removed from the receiver… ugh. It does help that it should be compatible with the nicer PTS Magpul accessories.


All the plastic parts on this gun have rather distinct seam lines running through them. I don’t think these are as pronounced on the higher-end gun from PTS, but oh well, I don’t care so long as nothing breaks.


Note the lack of integrated front flip up sight. I actually kind of like this option of being able to install my own set of BUIS – the flip up sight that comes on the higher-end guns actually annoyed me a little. I didn’t like the position, sight picture, or controls for that sight very much.


Upper receiver is metal as with the higher end model. One of the techs at work was remarking how the quality of the upper receiver was more or less the same as that on the A&K Masada AEG. I would concur, though don’t really care, so long as it doesn’t break.


Speaking of the A&K Masada, there are a number of them at work that were purchased (and upgraded) to be part of an updated rental fleet of Airsoft guns. The A&K is on the bottom, the PTS Streamline is on top. I still like the look of the PTS more – the Bushmaster ACR design as found on the PTS gun looks better to me than the Magpul Masada, modeled in the A&K gun.


And a comparison of what the internals look like when both receivers are split open – IMO, quality at a glance of PTS Streamline internals looks miles ahead of the A&K. The PTS Streamline has all the same features as the original PTS Masada – quick change spring guide, microswitch, motor cage, ambi selector. Just… it is now beefier and not painted black. No more cracked PTS Masada gearboxes and headaches trying to find new shells!


Note the texture of the plastic of the PTS Streamline… as well as the seams on the plastic parts.


And more seams on the handguard… to be honest though, I’d be using a real sized handguard as I shoot with LiPo batteries anyway. If I get my hands on one of these, that Streamline Version handguard would be the first thing to go.


Now… the fun part about the newer Streamline Version, as versus the older higher-end PTS AEG. Show here is the gearbox shell reinforcements that come out of the box, as well as the slightly longer nozzle that was first featured in the PTS Masada AKM. The crotch of the guy holding the the opened up PTS Magpul Masada Streamline is “Kampfer” – the head tech at my workplace behind many of the updates throughout the PTS Masada internals (and other various AEG manufacturers updates to their guns). PTS actually based their newer air nozzle for the Masada around Kampfer’s dimensions of his custom lathe-turned brass nozzle, and they beefed up the gearbox at Kampfer’s request. I’m just saying… Kampfer, though often not credited for his years of Airsoft tech work, is the shit. I would totally have his babies, if I could.


Here you can see the 2 piece hop up design – same design functionally as found in the higher-end PTS version.


Sort of the same idea here.


And there you have it – cool gun, I’ll buy one if the landed retail price in Canada is in fact now much more affordable than the earlier PTS one.



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